What is the Parent Education Program?

The Parent Education Program is a mandatory program for litigants with children to attend.  Both litigants are required, by statute, to attend the program, but are scheduled for different dates.  It takes place at the courthouse, or via Zoom or other video conference, with a number of other litigants. It is a one-time workshop, approximately three hours at night, and all family court cases are required to be scheduled for this program. Typically a member of the courthouse staff and a family part judge are there to present information relating to the divorce process that will encourage cooperation and give parents an understanding of the impact of divorce on children.  Obviously, it is not appropriate to have children present for this workshop.

There is nothing to prepare for.  This is NOT mediation regarding custody and parenting.   It is simply an informative session designed to focus both parties on their children and putting them first in trying to resolve custody and parenting time.

If your children are over 18, or you have resolved all of your custody and parenting time issues in a consent order or agreement, you may be able to be relieved from attending the program, but your attorney will be better able to assist you with that.   If there is a restraining order between the parties, or an order with civil restraints, alternate arrangements will be made for those parents to attend, as necessary.

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