The Balancing Act TV Feature – Alternatives to Litigation in Divorce

Alternatives to Litigation in Divorce can be less stressful and less expensive

Tri-State law firm outlines options on regional lifestyle show


Contrary to many beliefs, not all divorces need to transpire in a stressful court battle, and one New Jersey law firm believes there are ways to resolve divorce and other family law matters that are less stressful, more tailored to the family’s desired outcome, and which, in the end, cost less money. Daly and Associates, a Morristown law firm, outlines advice for those going through a family breakup situation in an upcoming segment on Lifetime Channel’s THE BALANCING ACT local New York City edition hosted by Montel Williams. The segment is to air this weekend on Saturday, April 9th, at 1:30 pm on WPIX-CW New York, with a rebroadcast on Sunday, April 10th at 12:00 pm on WPIX-CW New York.

Carolyn N. Daly, Esq. of Daly & Associates, believes there are many ways for people to resolve divorce and family law matters: “more flexible than litigation, less expensive, and provide creative outcomes that are best for the family.” Daly continued by adding this can be done by “listening to the parties’ particular wants and needs and avoiding, if possible, lengthy, emotional and costly drawn-out litigation.”

Although these alternatives can be more flexible than litigation and less expensive, she emphasized the “most important steps that individuals seeking a divorce can take to make the process as healthy as possible, is to minimize the stress and hardship for all family members involved.” Daly, who has been practicing family law since 1997, offered the following comments:

  • Many times, disputes can be settled in ways the law won’t allow if you litigate.
  • If you manage the emotions, you can manage the money.
  • Mediation, many times, can be the best course of action.
  • Consider all ways to get the case resolved, comparing the cost and length of the divorce process based upon the complexity of the case.
  • Having the right team to help you in the process is imperative.
  • The first consultation is one of the most important parts of the divorce process when it relates to hiring an attorney.
    Daly added another important factor, “Although mediation allows you to resolve your case without having to go to trial, it is still important to have an attorney on your side to guide you in a resolution that is best for your family members; the less drama, the better.”


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