That was Quick: NJ Legislature Pulls a U-Turn

Says Parents Must be Notified of Underage Marijuana/Alcohol Offenses

Normally, you equate the government with “deadlock,” “slow-moving,” or “red tape,” but not this time.  After hearing an outcry from the public about new rules that legally prevented officers from advising parents about underage individuals caught with marijuana or alcohol, the legislature last week signed a new bill that revises the law.

As we discussed in previous articles, the prior law had a number of unintended side effects, but this change by the Legislature corrects at least one issue.  However, it is important to note that this change only applies to underage individuals.  Thus, if your 18 year-old is living with you, driving your car and covered under your insurance, you still can not be told/notified about their drug or alcohol use.

This change is obviously necessary and warranted, but it raises a question: what about other issues with the new laws?  Given time, those other issues could have been packaged with this obviously needed change in order to make the law better.  But now it doesn’t appear there aren’t enough other “major issues” to give the legislature the appetite to tackle further reforms for the time being.  After four laws, it looks like we have our marijuana legalization framework, whether you agree with said framework or not.

When we started our three-part series on marijuana legalization, we promised we were working around the clock to familiarize ourselves with the new regulations and work out what comes next.  We’re continuing to do that, which is why we have now followed up on the legislature’s about-face regarding this issue.  If you have any questions about the topic covered in this article, and need legal advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at (973) 292-9222 or e-mail to set up a consultation with former Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Sean Gaynor.  We are working on a “Daly” basis for your needs.

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