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Child custody disputes can often prove one of the most trying portions of the divorce process. These issues can also affect a number of other factors in the settlement, such as child support payments, college contributions, and visitation. 

At Daly & Associates, our team of experienced family law attorneys can assist you in navigating the legal complexities surrounding child custody. 

When divorce proceedings turn into a “custody battle”, this often causes a great deal of stress between parents, their children, and extended families. To help ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your children, our team at Daly & Associates can assist you with the following:

What Does New Jersey Law Say About Child Custody? 

New Jersey courts adopt a gender-neutral approach to awarding child custody. Instead, the final decision depends on a number of factors that support the best interests of the child or children. 

According to N.J.S.A. 9:2-4(c), these best interests factors are: 

  • A shared willingness to communicate and cooperate between parents for matters pertaining to their children 
  • With the exception of cases involving  abuse, a parent’s willingness or unwillingness to accept custody 
  • A child’s interactions with their parents and/or siblings
  • Any history of domestic violence 
  • The safety of the child and a parent who may be subjected to physical abuse by the other 
  • The child’s preference, if they are determined to be old enough and possess sufficient decision-making capacity 
  • The child’s specific life needs 
  • The stability of the child’s home environment 
  • The continuity and quality of a child’s education in their current or new environment 
  • The geographic nearness or farness of parents’ residences 
  • The levels of involvement and quality of the time that the parent spent with the child before or after separating from the other parent 
  • The parents’ employment obligations 
  • How old the children are and how many of them are there 
  • The parent’s fitness to care for their child in a custodial capacity (parents are not determined unfit except in circumstances where conduct has resulted in substantial negative effects on the child’s life) 

Additionally, a New Jersey court may also elect to appoint a guardian in an ad litem capacity or an attorney to act as a representative for the child’s best interests. This is done in circumstances where the court may decide that a child requires a third party to advocate for them independently of the parents who are disputing custody. 

How We Can Help You With NJ Child Custody Agreements

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation/Arbitration)

If you and your child’s other parent desire to resolve a dispute out of the courtroom, you may be able to do so through mediation or arbitration. New Jersey permits parents to decide custody arrangements through these alternative means as long as there are no preventative circumstances present, such as domestic violence, restraining orders, etc.

Visitation Rights Issues

The bond between a child and both their parents is extremely important to their well-being. Children’s visitation rights often must be negotiated between the child’s parents. If you are seeking child custody through the courts, our team at Daly & Associates can assist you and your child’s other parent in establishing a child support agreement and parenting schedule that is agreeable to both parties.

Child Support Issues

Every child has a right to financial support from both parents, regardless of whether they are in their child’s life on a full-time basis or not. In child custody disputes, child support payments can also be determined by the courts. New Jersey child support guidelines apply to all relevant cases, which helps ensure that each child is receiving the appropriate amount of financial support from both parents. This may also extend to requirements for college contributions.

Collaborative Divorce Representation

For child custody cases where parents are relatively civil and wish to proceed with their divorce amicably, a collaborative divorce may prove the best option for dissolving the marriage. In these situations, the parents may seek a lawyer’s guidance in deciding the best legal framework for proceeding with child support payments, visitation, and other important aspects of successful co-parenting.

Custody Dispute Litigation

In child custody cases where both parents are unable to reach an agreement, child custody litigation may be necessary. If child support payments are an issue, our child custody lawyers can ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to under New Jersey child support guidelines. We also assist clients in determining which child custody arrangement serves the best interest of their children.

Custody and Visitation Agreement Modifications

Child custody agreements can often change over the course of a young person’s life. Our team of family lawyers can assist you in modifying your child support agreement to reflect any changes in circumstances, including but not limited to job loss, extended child care costs, or increased health insurance expenses.

Agreement Enforcement 

Once an agreement has been reached, we can help you ensure that the details in the agreement are enforced and honored by both parents. 

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