New Jersey Family Appeals Lawyer

Get the Right Representation for Your NJ Family Court Appeals Case 

Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of a recent family court case? If so, you might have the ability to appeal the decision and pursue a more desirable ruling. 

Act Quickly When Hiring a Family Appeal Lawyer

After a judge’s decision is made final, you have a 45-day window to file a Notice of Appeal. With limited time constraints, working with an attorney that possesses expansive knowledge of NJ appellate law will help you prepare for your next hearing. 

Why Pursue an Appeal

There are a few common reasons that you might consider appealing a decision in family court. Some common examples include, but are by no means limited to: 

Evidence Contradicts the First Judge’s Decision 

In these instances, a judge may have failed to account for important evidence that should have influenced their decision. If you believe that key evidence was omitted from the judge’s ruling, you should file an appeal. 

The Original Judge Acted Contrary to Standard Procedure

Did the judge act outside of standard procedure, such as making an incorrect ruling during proceedings or allowing inadmissible evidence? If so, you could have solid grounds to file a Notice of Appeal and seek a new decision. 

Issues with Evidence or Testimony 

Sometimes, evidence or witness testimonies can unfairly bias the decision in one party’s favor. This results in the other party having no fighting chance to receive the justice they desire. If you believe that bias influenced the decision against you, be sure to compile evidence of the bias and prepare to file for an appeal. 

Judicial Bias 

As much as our legal system tries to ensure that judges and other court personnel remain unbiased and detached from the cases at hand, nobody is perfect. A judge, like any other human, can be susceptible to demonstrating bias, whether intentional or unintentional. During your hearing, if you believe the judge displayed clear bias, you should seek another decision through the appellate system. 

Benefits of Hiring a Family Court Appeals Lawyer 

A family court appeals lawyer can assist you with the following: 

Filing for Appeal in a Timely Manner

As we mentioned above, New Jersey courts require that you file an appeal within 45 days of a final decision. With the right attorney, they can help you fast-track this process so that you can start preparing for a subsequent hearing. 

Sound Courtroom Representation 

A confident, knowledgeable family law attorney will be able to argue your case before an appellate judge on your behalf. Their intimate understanding of the appellate process and how it applies to your case will exponentially increase your chances of a new, more favorable decision. 

Since appellate courts do not hear new evidence or witness testimonies, your attorney can identify points of error in the court documents from the previous decision and argue your position before the new judge. This will ensure that your complaints about the previous ruling are communicated clearly and well understood by new decision-makers. 

Navigating Logistical Complexities 

Navigating the NJ court system efficiently requires a sophisticated knowledge of many conditional factors, nuances, and legal jargon that can feel overwhelming. As you’re preparing to enter into the appeals process, your attorney can help you by simplifying and guiding you through the necessary paperwork and procedures to reach your ultimate goal of getting an appeal. 

Work with NJ’s Top Family Appeals Lawyers Today 

If you want to file an appeal following a recent family court decision, do not hesitate. Call an attorney immediately to start the appeals process within the specified 45-day window. 

At Daly Family Law, we strive to offer the most complete and comprehensive family court representation in the State of New Jersey. This includes representing clients through difficult appellate cases. You deserve to receive a just ruling, and our team will help you achieve it. 

Don’t go through the appeals process alone. Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys and learn more about our appellate representation for NJ family law cases. 

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