These are difficult times for our society, but especially for families, individuals and businesses who find themselves needing legal assistance requiring expedited court decisions.  For the immediate future, the New Jersey courts are closed to the public, including attorneys and staff, and are restricting court proceedings primarily to emergent matters.  Even once the courts re-open for more regular business, parties can expect that there will be significant delays in non-emergent proceedings, including divorce litigation, before any semblance of normality is restored and cases can proceed efficiently.  Moreover, as judicial vacancies continue to increase and more judges become unavailable, these delays will likely continue for quite some time, further delaying resolution of these matters that, although considered non-emergent to the courts, are of the utmost importance to you.

Our paramount concern at Daly & Associates is your personal health and safety and that of your family.  That includes your ability to get information on what is happening and to get decisions on issues impacting your family.  To that end, we stand ready to assist you in resolving your family, personal or business disputes efficiently and safely through the use of remote video conferencing.  This technology, which we have always had at Daly & Associates, LLC, lets us conduct all of our business, including mediation and arbitration proceedings from the safety of your own home or critical business location without additional cost to you for such services beyond our regular fees.  We can provide interested parties with detailed, easy to follow instructions for these sessions to make it easy and seamless for you to participate.  In short, we are ready and willing to prioritize you so that you are not frozen, waiting for the court to act.

  1. Most Family Division Offices are still answering the phones remotely, and if they don’t answer they are checking messages. If you need a phone number, click here for a directory.
  2. The Supreme court’s March 27, 2020 Order, which addresses court closures and other operations during the pandemic, can be found here.
  3. The New Jersey State Bar Association has a number of resources available to the public here.
  4. All emergent applications are now being accepted via e-mail. If you wish to proceed with an emergent application without an attorney, the forms can be found here: https://www.njcourts.gov/selfhelp/emergent.html

Once you have complete the forms for emergent relief, they can be emailed to the following email address depending on what County your matter is in:

5. Most courts are using the Zoom Virtual Meetings App to conduct any court appearances, including emergent appearances. Instructions for using zoom are below.


You should receive an e-mail invitation for the zoom meeting.  If you do not receive one and you are a current client, please alert us by e-mailing , or calling (973) 292-9222.  If you are not a current client, you will need to call the court directly.

You can use zoom on your phone, tablet, or computer.  If using an android device, download the zoom app from the play store; if using an apple device, download it from the app store.  If you are on your computer, simply go to zoom.us.  At the top of the screen, where it says “resources,” click “download zoom client.”  You will eventually be prompted to create an account.  From there, you can simply click the link provided in your e-mail, and it will direct you to the zoom meeting.

When on with the court, please mute your microphone unless and until it is time for you to speak.  Otherwise, background noise can interfere with the proceeding.

When using zoom, there is additional functionality that will allow you to share your screen or document, if necessary, or to conference privately with your attorney.  If you need a minute to conference with your attorney, please simply ask.  Clients of Daly & Associates will be given further instructions on ways to communicate with us when in the middle of a court proceeding.

  1. For those experiencing anxiety and need help coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are psychologists available to talk and provide assistance via tele-health through Rutgers University. The services are limited, however, and only a short term remedy.  It is not a substitute for consistent and regular sessions.   Here’s the link:


As always, if you have any questions or need technical assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We understand that these times are stressful for clients who seek prompt resolution of family matters such as divorce, support, child custody and parenting arrangements.  Likewise, criminal matters and employment issues, commercial tenancy and other business disputes can benefit from prompt, expedited and cost-effective resolution offered by mediation and arbitration. 

If you wish to explore all of your options for resolving your legal issues without the delays otherwise resulting from these unprecedented events, please email us today at , or call us at (973) 292-9222.  We may be working remotely, but we are still here for you, just as we always have been.

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